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How to Unhook Your Logical Brain and Gain New Insights on Last Year

You’ve probably heard of right-brained vs. left-brained activities.

Right-brained activities are creative, intuitive and subjective.  Left-brained activities are linear, analytical and logical.

It has been a popular myth that people prefer right-brained or left-brained activities because they have a dominant side of the brain.  It turns out that while certain activities are wired on one side of the brain (for example language tends to be on the left), people use each side of the brain equally.

So if the brain is wired for both activities, why is creative thinking so hard?

Many people live in a very yang environment—logical, fast-paced, decision-oriented.  You must produce quickly and keep moving to meet your responsibilities.

With all the hustle-bustle, it’s hard to switch to intuition.  Your mind races.  You problem solve.  Left brain, linear thinking is your default mode all day.

And it’s impossible to be intuitive from an analytical viewpoint.  You need to switch your brain into creative thinking mode.  But how do you it?

You trick it.

Ask yourself questions that defy logic.  Get your analytical self so confused that your creative self has to step in and get to work.

The beginning of the year is an excellent time to practice switching to creative thinking.  Winter is yin and it’s good to slow down.  Plus, the New Year is a great excuse to be reflective.

Use these writing prompts to get your creative brain back in charge.

Creative Thinking Prompts: Reflections on Last Year

Set a timer and give yourself two minutes to write on each prompt.  Write the first thing that comes to your mind, even if it doesn’t make sense. Feel free to write outside the lines on the page—in fact, write sideways, upside down or diagonal.  If you have colored paper or ink, use them.

Write any way and anything, but don’t let your hand stop moving.

  1. If last year was a movie, it would be…
  2. If there was one day from last year that had to repeat over and over like the movie “Groundhog Day,” it would be…
  3. The biggest risk I took last year reminds me of this Olympic sport…
  4. If I could have had dinner with anyone last year, I would have had dinner with…
  5. My favorite summer memory reminds me of this ice cream flavor…
  6. The soundtrack of last year is…
  7. If I had listened to the advice in children’s storybooks last year, I should have listened to…
  8. When I sat quietly last year, my body felt like this type of plant…
  9. If I could have had a super power last year, I could have used…
  10. A picture of my best accomplishment from last year would be painted by this artist…

Creativity is Healthy

Being creative and reflective is good for your health.  Study after study shows that stress takes its toll on your body in many ways; you need to slow down.  Plus, many studies show that people with the highest life satisfaction regularly take time to be quiet or to access their creativity.

If you find that creative thinking seems impossibly difficult, it may be a sign that you can’t turn off your high-paced life.  Acupuncture can help with your stress.  Once your nervous system slows down, your creativity will be freed.

Contact me today for a stress consultation.

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