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Valley Village CA 91607

Welcome to Golden Monkey Healing, a destination for those expanding their path towards personal excellence, as well as those taking their first steps towards total wellness.

We teach. We heal. We live.


The most famous part of Tai-chi are the moving exercises, known as the Tai Chi Form, which is a series of slow, continuous and flowing movements with unhurried breathing. All movements are done with calm concentration, which is why it is often called meditation in motion. When done correctly, the practitioner’s body can develop as a whole without any parts being ignored or exhausted – in other words: the practice of Tai Chi reaches parts other exercises do not reach. The essence of Tai Chi is to integrate the mind, body and spirit with neither having preference over the other. With continued practice, one’s health inevitably improves.

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Tai-Chi classes are scheduled on a workshop basis.Check back here and at the special events page for the next class.

Internal Arts All of the internal martial arts rely for their effectiveness on internal power – the power cultivated by the alignment and coordination of the whole body and will. Essentially martial in nature, these arts are practiced by most people for their health-giving properties rather than just for self-defense.

Ultimately, each of us has our own path in life and the practice of Internal Martial Arts can help us find this path and give us the ability and health to travel it to its fullest.

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