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12135 1/2 Riverside Drive
Valley Village CA 91607

Welcome to Golden Monkey Healing, a destination for those expanding their path towards personal excellence, as well as those taking their first steps towards total wellness.

We teach. We heal. We live.

Taoist/Hatha Yoga

This system, unique to golden monkey healing, is a system of movement designed to open the 18 moveable joints in the body, and the 24 energetic channels. Using a blend of Yoga, Qi Gong, and Meditation this gentle slow paced class allows one to explore the self with a deeper meaning.

Private sessions are available: Make an Appointment

Yoga is a word from Sanskrit, the original and philosophical language of India.

The word derives from the root yuj, which has two traditional, complementary meanings.

The first is “to bring two things together, to meet, to unite, to yoke, to join, to harness.”

The second meaning: “to converge the mind” Traditionally Yoga is used as a general term for the disciplines which join the individual soul to the universal soul or cosmic consciousness.

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